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That’s (home-made) entertainment

Early this week I woke up surprised to find that my white pillow slip had turned orange overnight. There was further surprise on getting up to discover that I had orange hair and could barely walk. I also had 90s dance floor fillers on constant rotation in my head: Britney Spears’ Toxic, Sing hallelujah! (Sing it! Sing ha-lay-lu-yah. Sing it!). ‘Dear god, please make it stop’ I thought as I hobbled towards the kitchen. Continue reading


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The year of the Cat

‘What do you think an evolutionary reason for stage-fright might be?’ I asked my friend M., as you do while sitting on a beach without a care in the world. I was thinking about Cat Power, aka Chan Marshall, who I was going to see play the following night. I hadn’t seen her play but it seemed like everyone I knew had. Some had seen her in brilliance; others had seen her brought down by stage fright. A friend described as ‘terrible’ the concert she’d seen and acted out Cat Power hiding and skittering around the stage (this was, admittedly, funny, in a hand-over-mouth kind of way). Another said she would never go to another Cat Power concert because the one she’d seen had been so brief. People’s opinions about these meltdowns varied wildly, from ‘Why doesn’t she just get it together?’ to ‘I liked it. It was real.’ Continue reading

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