Please allow me to introduce myself…

I’m not a man and as for wealth and taste, well it’s all relative. I am a writer and editor living in Melbourne, Australia. I wanted to call my blog ‘Travel in mind’ as a play on that old blues song ‘Trouble in mind’ and as a pun on thinking about travel/just thinking. But it was taken, so I chose instead the less cool ‘Travels in my mind’ and to whoever got ‘Travel in mind’, I salute you.  The travel I’m writing about is mostly inside my head or within about six kilometres of my house, as I tend to keep my life local and there are plenty of gigs, exhibitions, films, theatre, and books around me to keep me thinking, wondering and questing for answers to questions like ‘Why do people still care about the British Royal Family?’.  Feel free to comment on my posts or to get in touch, particularly with jokes, stories or work proposals.


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